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Meet Our Pastor

Francisco & Elizabeth Quezada
Senior Pastor / Bishop & First Lady

Welcome to New Life Church

Our church only has one goal – Jesus Christ! He is the one who consumes all our passion; He is our message and the focus of everything we do. It is not about us, as the psalmist states in Psalms 115 Not unto us, O Lord, not unto us, but unto thy name give glory…, He is our reason for being! When you come to worship with us, the love of Jesus will captivate you and you will be transformed as He has done for us.

We are a cell group community and a biblical church that celebrates life together. We are dedicated to the teaching of the Bible; the Spirit-filled worship. It is our desire to help you develop an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ, strengthening your family life, growing in your gifts, excelling in your work, enjoying financial freedom, and spiritual growth.

Join us this Sunday and celebrate your life with us.

Pastor’s Bio:

Praise the Lord!
It is a great privilege and joy to share with you a small part of my personal history.
As a family we feel extremely happy to serve such a special church as you are.

• I was born in Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico, on February 10th 1960
• Baptized in 1974
• Initiated to the ministry in 1978
• Ordained as a minister in 1980
• My first pastorship was in 1979 to 1982 in the Federal District of Mexicalli, B.C.
• Second pastorship was 1982 to 1987 in Kilometer 57 B.C.
• In march 26, 1983, I was united in matrimony with the
beautiful lady Elizabeth Soria
• God gave us our first son Francisco on June 1st 1984
• We immigrated to the United States in May 1988
• God gave us our second child Jonathan on December 29th 1987
• Third pastorship taken was in Barstow Ca. 1988 to 1993
• God gave us our first princess, Elizabeth on August 31st 1992
• Fourth pastorship was in Mecca Ca. 1993 to 2013
• God gave us our second princess Jaqueline March 21st 1995

God blessed us with both of our oldest sons to unite in matrimony, Frank with the
young lady Candie Zamora and Jonathan with the young lady Janae Alvarez.
We are now very happy that our first grandson has arrive, Frank III, a radiance and
joy of being able to connect to the third generation.

Respectfully, Pastor Francisco Quezada
Because you will stretch forth…. Isaiah 54:3
God bless you!

Me es un grande privilegio y alegría compartir con ustedes un poco de la historia
personal y narrare a grandes rasgos de un servidor. Como familia nos sentimos muy
felices en servir a una iglesia tan especial como ustedes.

• Nací en Mexicali, Baja California, México, en Febrero 10 de 1960
• Fui bautizado en 1974
• Iniciado al ministerio en 1978
• Ordenado al ministerio en 1980
• El primer pastorado fue en 1979 a 1982 en Ejido Distrito Federal Mexicali, B.C.
• Segundo Pastorado 1982 a 1987 en Kilómetro 57 B.C.
• Marzo 26 de 1983 me uní en matrimonio con la linda señorita Elizabeth Soria
• Dios nos concedió a nuestro primer hijo Francisco en Junio 1º de 1984
• Nos emigramos a Estados Unidos en Mayo de 1987
• Dios nos concedió a nuestro segundo hijo Jonathan en Diciembre 29 de 1987
• Tercer Pastorado en Bartow Ca., 1988 a 1993
• Dios no concede a nuestra primer princesa Elizabeth en Agosto 31 de 1992
• Cuarto pastorado en Mecca, Ca., 1993 a 2013
• Llega la segunda princesa Jacqueline en Marzo 21 de 1995

Dios nos a concedido que nuestros dos hijo mayores se unieran en matrimonio,
Frank con la señorita Candie Zamora y Jonathan con la señorita Janae Álvarez.
Ahora estamos muy felices al llegar nuestro primer nieto Frank III, un resplandor y
la gran alegría de poder conectarnos a la tercera generación.

Respetuosamente, Pastor Francisco Quezada
Por que te extenderás…Isaías 54: 3
¡Dios les bendiga!